On Sunday May 16th, a train derailment interrupted the quiet afternoon in Iowa. The incident took place on the southwestern side of the town of Sibley that day, as reported by Northwest Iowa .

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Nathan Minten
Nathan Minten

Approximately fifty cars derailed off of the tracks on the Union Pacific Train in this Iowa town. The train exploded into flames that could be seen miles away in all directions. Officials from the railroad confirmed the initial suspicions of chemicals being transported on the train. Chemicals including; hydrochloric acid, potassium hydroxide, asphalt and  ammonium nitrate were on board.

One local named Nathan Minten captured the damage from the sky with his drone.

This event caused many locals to have to evacuate homes and businesses. Reports say that approximately 3,000 individuals were evacuated. According to the EPA, some of the acid from the train spilled onto the nearby area, but that there was no major environmental damage done.

The evacuation order put in place for locals has been since lifted. Local county officials lifted the ban on Monday afternoon, as reported by KCCI.

Minten captured several different perspectives of the train derailment aftermath via his own drone. These videos show the flames that engulfed the train from a bird's eye view. Iowa

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