The El Kahir Shrine Circus returns to the Cedar Valley. McElroy Auditorium will host the 2017 Carden Circus International on April 7-8, 2018 with two shows each day.


There is just something exhilarating about the circus. It might be all the memories we have of our parents taking us to see all those exotic animals. Maybe it was the trapeze artists defying gravity. It might have been as simple as just spending time with the family.

Rekindle those memories while helping create new ones in your kids' minds at the El Kahir Shrine Circus.There are so many awesome attractions to see including the elephants, tigers, and much,much more! The kids will love the circus elephants. They can even ride the elephants.

Make sure to arrive an hour early to enjoy the show before the show. Animal rides, activities, meet the stars of the show, and more await you before the show.

CIRCUS SHOW DETAILS: El Kahir Shrine Circus

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