If we know one thing about Scotty McCreery, it's that his fans are dedicated. After all, you don't win a TV singing competition (in his case, Season 10 of American Idol on Fox) by only somewhat impressing people.

Nonetheless, we're betting that even the most diehard of McCreery fans doesn't know every last one of the 10 facts. The name his parents almost gave him? Okay, maybe that one's easy, but what about the name of the Hall of Fame athlete to whom the singer is related?

We're a little easier with grades than the professors at N.C. State University (where McCreery went to college — but you no doubt knew that!), so if you know at least seven of these 10 facts, go ahead and give yourself an A+. Read on to test your knowledge.

10 Surprising Things You Never Knew About Scotty McCreery:

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