This driver needs to be severely punished. I never thought I could get road rage watching a video... I can.

One of the (few) things I remember from school was the "danger zone" that was around 10 feet on all sides of the school bus. We were taught that you had to go in front of the bus far enough that you could wave to the driver. Then look both ways and cross the street. But all of that caution goes right out of the window when you have a car that ignores the school bus stop sign and blows right past it. That's what happened in Dunn County Wisconsin just west of Eau Claire.

It's egregious when a driver would do this on a 4 lane road, but this is a 2 lane road. So not only is this car passing the car with the dashcam but the school bus all while driving in the on-coming traffic road in the passing zone.

The kid looks to be just fine but this driver should have the hammer come down on them.

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