One of the greatest underutilized resources on the planet is celebrity's kid's social media platforms. Many of our favorite country stars have kids old enough to be active on social media, but no one seems to talk about it.

Now, we have to talk about Sara Evans and her hilarious & talented daughter.

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Country stars are absolutely killing it on the viral video platform Tik Tok. Lauren Alaina warmed our hearts, Shania Twain had us walk down memory lane, and now Sara Evans' daughter is showing off her talents.

Evans' daughter, Olivia has more than 188 thousand followers on the platform. One of the first videos that got her so much social media attention involved her slyly bragging about having a famous Mom.

"Tell me you have a famous country music singer for a mom, without telling me you have a famous country music singer for a mom," Olivia prompts in the video.

@oliviaevansmusic#countrymusic @saraevansmusic already knew what was coming♬ original sound - olivia evans

But the video that made Sara Evans' fans lose their minds was when the dynamic mother-daughter duo sang one of Sara's most popular songs together, "Suds in the Bucket" and they pulled it off so well.

@oliviaevansmusic Reply to @dc3.adk here y’all go!!! @saraevansmusic #countrymusic , thanks for all the love on the account everyone!! ♬ original sound - olivia evans

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