It might be time to take a little trip down memory lane with the Rock of Ages! Why not hop in a time machine and go see a live performance that will remind you of everything about the 80s. This can be a fantastic opportunity for you to bust out your old leather pants, paint on some tattoos, grab your big hair wig, and have some fun.

From June 23 - July 23, Rock of Ages will be performing at Theatre Cedar Rapids.

As someone listens to and enjoys a lot of classic rock music, I will have to admit that I haven't really spent a ton of time listening to the rock bands of the 80s. I grew up in a Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Led Zepellin, and Beatles type of household and I wasn't exposed to a ton of 80s rock growing up.

Of course I know of bands like Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry, Poison, and Europe, which will all be coverd at this performance but I didn't spend much time listening to any of the bands.

I know all of the hits from these bands and the songs that are played on the radio but other than that, I'm not exactly an 80s savant. Whether you know of these bands or not shouldn't matter. The show still looks to be a pretty spectacular.

According to TCR, the musical performance is about a character named Drew, who is hoping to make it as the next big rock star, as he falls for a small town girl named Sherri. Sounds like your standard Rock N Roll fairy tale if you ask me.

The show is meant for adults and will contain strobe lighting, loud noises, sexual reference, and adult language. You might want to grab a baby sitter for the kids if you'd like to take in the performance.

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