Jokingly referred to as the official state flag of Iowa, Busch Light (more specifically its parent company Anheuser-Busch) has introduced a new variation of the popular light lager: Busch Light Apple.

Available now through October in select markets and, spoiler, Iowa is one of those markets, Busch Light Apple seems... early. At least to me. I associate apples, and for that matter the color scheme of the packaging, with fall time. Apples = autumn to me and, perhaps, the beer will stick around longer than October if it's a success.

Busch did go all out to announce and promote its new variant, check out their 3+ minute spoof of tech company rollouts:

So, will you try Busch Light Apple?

One things for sure, it's a new direction for a company that's poked fun at seltzers and other modifications made by top beer brands. But again, I love the color scheme if nothing else.

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