With the COVID-19 pandemic we've been distancing from one another, but we've also learned a lot: just how crucial frontline employees are to our society. To celebrate K98.5 wants to put your shoutout on the radio!

Using your free K98.5 app you can record a simple message that we'll receive in the studio, and can play on the air and share with all of K-Country!

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How To Record and Send a Message on the K98.5 App For Us to Play On-Air:

Please keep messages around 10-15 seconds or less. Need some ideas to get started?

Hi, this is (name) from (town) and I want to give a shoutout to (name of shoutout recipient) who works (job), here on K98.5!

Hi, this is (name) from (town) and (name of shoutout recipient) is the best at (job) in all of K-Country!

Hello, this is (name) from (town) and (name of shoutout recipient) works at (job) and is doing his/her part to keep everyone in K-Country healthy and I thank them!

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