While it's the time of the year to indulge during the holidays, maybe you are thinking about what your resolutions for 2020 will be. If one of them is to get healthier and work out more in the new year then I have just the way to help you out with that.

I have been looking around for some new places to start my fitness journey in the Cedar Valley in 2020. I am not a typical go to the gym and pick up weights kind of girl. I din't know where I should start though and what were some good gyms around. So, I asked my audience for suggestions on workout places in the Cedar Valley and the response was HUGE. There were so many places I did not even know of!

So, I have decided to share the responses with you. It can be hard to start but if you find the right place with good support you are going to be able to achieve your fitness goals in the new year! Hopefully, that "right" place is on this list! Good luck in the new year!

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