If you chopped down a live tree and put it up in your home this year, you should take a quick look at it.

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The holidays never go as expected, right? Whether that be travel hiccups, gift snafus, or awkward family interactions; it's a rule of the universe that if anything is going to go wrong, it's going to probably happen during the holidays.

While most of those circumstances you can't neccessarily control, there is one thing that you can do right now to guarantee that you won't be having a hundred or so extra guests at Christmas brunch this year.

One of the essential holiday traditions and decorations includes a Christmas tree. For many people, they use the same plastic tree every single year. Families just grab them from the attic or basement and set them up in the perfect spot. A large chunk of people however, consider themselves traditionalists.

If you have a live tree and see a brown walnut or egg looking object stuck in it; be very wary! It is a sack full of 100-300 praying mantis eggs. So, unless you're interested in getting your kid a pet mantis this year, we'd recommend getting rid of this.

According to this social media post, it's relatively easy to get rid of this sack before the eggs hatch. If you can spot it in time just clip the branch and leave it outside in your garden or a local park.

Everything turns out alright in the end! No baby mantis' get hurt and you don't have to explain to your family why you have a hundred new pets for Christmas.

You can watch a video of what might happen if they hatch down below!

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