If you live in Iowa, you no doubt have seen morning fog at some point especially if you're near a major river. But, I doubt many have seen it from this perspective. A pilot shared video of what the morning fog rolling off the Mississippi looks like from above.

David Joe Hunter shared this video a few days ago. Not sure if he's the pilot and/or the photographer, but it's one of the mellowest moments you can experience in our part of America. Based on his video description, this was taken high above Keokuk, Iowa.

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This chill moment led me on a fact-finding mission to figure out how and why we see fog like this off our rivers. My wife is a meteorologist, so I guess I could have asked her. The problem is that would mean I would be admitting to her that I don't know something (editor's note: she likely already knows this). I went to NASA's Earth Observatory website for details on why we see fog effects like this. Here's a small snippet of their knowledge:

Fog is simply clouds that have formed at ground level. Like all clouds, fog forms when the local air reaches its dew point—the temperature at which water vapor condenses into tiny droplets.

Dew point. Hmm. I've heard my wife say that phrase before. Probably should have paid more attention.

All I know is it's fog like I've never seen it in Iowa before. Maybe I should add "becoming a pilot" to my lifetime bucket list.

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