Social media is the bane of all existence. Social media was created at first to allow people to have instant connections online and create new friendships. However, over the years is has become an addiction to most starting in the teenage years and has caused more negative affects rather than positive ones.

Between online bullying, criticizing, and an instant feed of global news it is not surprising that teens addicted to social media are more depressed and anxious than ever. In fact, a recent study published in the JAMA Psychiatry journal has proven that teens who spend more than three hours on social media a day are more anxious and depressed and show antisocial behavior. The study was done on 6,600 American teens that reported how much time they were on social media and what mental health problems, if any, they seemed to have.

As much as this doesn't seem like new news, it is a rising problem across the country. If you are worried about your teen developing these issues it is important to understand this social media phenomenon in full, check out the article here.

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