Nothing says "Team USA" like red, white and blue Oreos, right?

Well, for those of you who are going to cheer on Team USA at the Olympics this year you better have these by your side. According to, Oreo cookies are coming out with a limited time edition of Olympic-themed Oreos this summer!

These cookies will be mega stuffed with basically a triple stacking of creme in the middle and the creme will be red. white and blue because you know, USA. So besides looking forward to the actual Olympics in Tokyo this summer, now you can look forward to snacking on these patriotic cookies while you watch!

That's not all though. When Delish reached out to Oreos to confirm this, they responded back teasing that this is more to come for Oreo fans with the Olympics as they are a sponsor of Team USA. I guess we will have to wait for what that means for Oreo fans but at least we know one secret of theirs!

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