Some were celebrating Sunday morning when many of the COVID-19 restriction in Iowa were lifted while others were disappointed. I am one who was disappointed. After a tumultuous battle with the pandemic in our state, numbers are at the lowest since October. October 6 to be exact. With each passing day, thousands more Iowans are receiving either vaccine shot one or booster shot (shot two). That's great, but does that mean it's time to stop with restrictions? I don't think so.

We um, earned national attention a number of times this summer for how poor we Iowans were managing the pandemic. There was the situation at Tyson... that was all over CNN, Fox News, all nightly news broadcasts. There was our reluctance to have a mask mandate in the first place, that got us some attention. There was no reason for us to be proud of how we'd handled the pandemic here at home. However, in November, Governor Kim Reynolds finally woke-up and told Iowans to mask up.

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Now, I have zero issues with Gov. Reynolds. Strip away COVID and, it would be hard to argue against the successes the state had with her as Lieutenant Governor and then Governor (after the 2018 election). She's repped the state very well and, is our first female Governor. This isn't an anti-Republican or Democrat 'thing' it's simply a matter of opinion: I think she removed the restrictions too soon.

With the UK variant in our state now and the South African one I'm sure not far behind, why take our foot off the gas? As we have turned this great corner, why not just keep pushing until we go from 629 new cases, which we had reported today, down to maybe 6, down to a big ol' zero? We'll get there... but this feels like it was a step backwards. And with the vaccine still weeks away for many, perhaps months; would it really be such a burden to keep on trucking with the restrictions that were in place? I don't think so. But you might, and that's okay too.

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