We weren’t the only state to have Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued this week. As of July 16, there are only three states that haven’t had a Severe Thunderstorm Warning issued in the past week.

Washington, Oregon, and Hawaii.

Washington had their most recent Severe Thunderstorm Warning on July 8. Oregon hasn’t had one since July 5, and it’s been nearly 500 days since Hawaii has had a Severe Thunderstorm Warning. According to bestplaces.net, Hawaii gets nearly 50" of rain per year and it rains on nearly 200 days every year...but they don't get many severe thunderstorms.

Southern Alaska hasn’t seen a T-storm warning in almost 800 days, but the northern half of the state had a warning issued yesterday, July 15.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet

In fact, every state to the east of the Missouri River has had at least one issued Thunderstorm Warning this week.

Through July 16, there have been 186 Severe Thunderstorm Warnings issued in Iowa in 2021 – that’s the lowest amount in the last 30 years.

FYI: The year with the most Thunderstorm Warnings was during the ‘Iowa Flood of 2008’ when 1,012 warnings were issued for the entire year.

Iowa Environmental Mesonet

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