A former standout at the University of Iowa made a return visit to his Alma Mater this past weekend. Not only is this player incredibly popular amongst Iowans, but he's also incredibly popular amongst NFL fans around the world.

Most NFL fans would mostly agree he's in the discussion as the best player in the league at his position. He's always in the discussion, along with last season's NFL champion and friend, Travis Kelce.

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We're talking about the fifth-round draft pick by the San Francisco 49ers, George Kittle. He's a 4-time pro bowler in the NFL and was selected as a First-team All-Pro member in 2019. He's gone on to have one heck of a professional career so far and his future as an NFL player is looking pretty bright. Now, George Kittle has decided to share his love of football with the youth in Iowa.

He made a return to Kinnick Stadium to host the very first George Kittle Youth Football Camp.

Anytime a current or former NFL player, who played for the University of Iowa, makes a return visit, it's bound to get kids and parents excited. According to KCRG, the camp is designed for kids ages 8-16, and as I'm sure you could guess, it was a completely sold-out event.

Kittle wasn't just there as some guest speaker either. He participated in the events and drills as he jumped around from station to station. He interacted with the kids and really tried to give them a hands-on experience. He told KCRG, it was a pretty special moment for him. He even gave a shoutout to his old football coach.

First camp ever and I get to do it at Kinnick Stadium with my dad and my wife here and everyone that went to Iowa. It is pretty special stuff. I’m thankful for the football staff and Kirk Ferentz for letting us do it here. Being able to play football here again is a good time.

This camp wouldn't have been complete without joining in on the best tradition in sports. Kittle, along with camp-goers all got the chance to participate in the wave, which is directed at the University of Iowa Stead Family Children's Hospital.

The only thing fans might've been wondering once the camp was complete is... when can we do this again? We'll have to wait and see if this becomes a reoccurring thing for George, his family, and the University of Iowa. It would be a pretty special thing for kids to look forward to each summer. No pressure George.

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