I can't wait for the first car chase where the cop gets on the radio and says, 'Yeah we're in pursuit of a red Honda Civic, license plate number 3-F-smiley... smiling pile of poo-7-Q.' That day is coming, just not here in the USA.

Queensland, Australia just announced they're going to start letting people get personalized license plates next month that have EMOJIS on them. There only going to be four emojis available and they are: The laugh-out-loud face, the winking face, the smiling face with sunglasses (very fitting), and the hearts-for-eyes face.

So which ones NEED to be added? Well the poo guy for sure, right? Maybe the 'brrrr' cold face one? Or the unicorn? Look Queensland, Australia, maybe just add 'em all?

If you wanna see more pics of the emoji plates (on ridiculously nice cars of course), check the Facebook link below, or go to: PPQ Personalised Plates Queensland.

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