Chris Stapleton may be announcing a big treat for his legions of fans. The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter inexplicably erased everything from his social media accounts recently, following that with a post strongly suggesting that he may have some new music fast on the way.

Stapleton posted a short video Monday (Aug. 24) featuring a dramatic montage of himself playing guitar, his backup group of vocalists giving it their all, somewhat confusing shots of insects and animals, and his wife Morgane...all interspersed with flickering flames and an urgently pressing melody line. The video ends with the date 11/13/20, which he also indicates in his caption.

It is not a huge reach to assume this is an indication of either a new album or single on the way coming in November, something that would no doubt delight his fans, as his last album was 2017’s From a Room: Volume 2.

Adding to the cryptic fun is his new social media profile photo, which now consists of a blank white circle with some scrawled handwriting. It’s too small to decipher, but there appears to be clearly one line indicating a title of some sort, with Stapleton’s name nearly illegible but recognizable, penciled messily underneath.

Stapleton has no doubt had some spare time on his hands to work on new music, as his entire 2020 All-American Road Show was pushed to 2021 earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. From a Room: Volume 2’s predecessor, From a Room: Volume 1, earned Stapleton a Country Music Association award for Album of the Year, as well as a Grammy for Best Country Album.

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