Of all the props in movies, here are the top 10 props I would want to own.

This week we are going to do a list of the props from movies, I'd like to own and display. (Not use in everyday life.)

The list of honorable mentions would take so long that someday soon, I'll make a top 100 list.

10. The One Ring - Lord of the Rings Franchise


9. The Heart of the Ocean - Titanic


8. The Hoverboard - Back to the Future Part 2


7. Marshall Amp that goes to 11 - This Is Spinal Tap


6. The Holy Grail - Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade


5. The Ruby Slippers - The Wizard of Oz


4. The Golden Ticket - Willy Wonk and the Chocolate Factory


3. A Proton Pack - Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II


2. The Deathly Hallows - Harry Potter Franchise


1. A Lightsaber - Star Wars Franchise


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