In the month where pumpkin use is at an all time high. Neuman the Pumpkin has the State of the Pumpkin Address.

To start off the State of the Pumpkin Address, I, Neuman the Pumpkin from Heartland Farms, stand with my people:

Neuman KCountry
Neuman KCountry

In this beautiful fall month, somewhere along the line, us pumpkins have been given more responsibility than we can handle. Just because the leaves turn orange, doesn't mean that everything that already is orange has to play along. Is it because October and orange start with the same letter? Us pumpkins are being over worked!

We are to be your Jack-O'-Lanterns,

Jack O' Lantern
Ivan Bliznetsov-Thinkstock

be the main ingredient in your pies,

Pumpkin Pie
Eric Hood-Thinkstock

and everything this month is a "pumpkin spice."

Whether it be lattes,

ITStock Free-Thinkstock

to pancakes, cookies, and even BOLOGNA!

Well no more!

Every year at Thanksgiving, the president will pardon a turkey... WELL WHAT ABOUT THE PUMPKIN?!

We know we are delicious but ask yourselves... WHAT ABOUT THE PUMPKIN?!

We get sliced and carved, yes, some of the designs are cool looking but... WHAT ABOUT THE PUMPKIN?!

You put candles inside us so the Jack-O'-Lantern is actually a lantern; but it burns our insides. Can't you use a glow stick or something? Again... WHAT ABOUT THE PUMPKIN?!

We pumpkins are getting a bad wrap!

When the Headless Horseman holds up that pumpkin... well that's Jerry and he's a pretty cool guy. The Headless Horseman just carved him to make him look scary. So we implore you to ask yourself... WHAT ABOUT THE PUMPKIN?!

The Great Pumpkin that Linus Van Pelt waits for every Halloween shows up but Linus leaves too early. He is real despite what the other Peanuts characters say. So don't be mad at The Great Pumpkin. Instead, ask WHAT ABOUT THE PUMPKIN?!

There is a band that was very popular in the 90's called The Smashing Pumpkins! I don't even need to go into detail there... WHAT ABOUT THE PUMPKIN?!

So this Halloween and all October long, please, go easy on us.... Be safe... Be nice to us and each other.... And when it doubt, ask: WHAT ABOUT THE PUMPKIN?!





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