Wait, hold the phone..... Netflix's most watched show is NOT  "Friends?!" How is this even possible? The most popular show in TV history that isn't disappearing any time soon and it it's not even most watched? What could have topped this?

Well, there is an unofficial list that has just gone out on the internet that rank the most watched shows on Netflix with a top 10 (No, this list did not come from Netflix but rather a media strategist who credits the Activate company). Unsurprisingly another HUGE show got the number one spot, "The Office." Well, now I am not as surprised.

What other shows made the list? Well, here are the top 10:

1.  "The Office"

2.  "Friends"

3.  "Grey's Anatomy"

4.  "NCIS"

5.  "Criminal Minds"

6.  "Shameless"

7.  "Orange Is the New Black"

8.  "Supernatural" (MY FAVORITE)!

9.  "Parks and Recreation"

10.  "Ozark"

So there is no word from Netflix on this list and no telling how accurate it is but it's something to think about! Do you agree with this?


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