It's been said that you learn something new every day or at least you're supposed to. My wife recently learned that actor Jason Momoa is from Iowa and excitement doesn't even begin to describe her reaction.

If you aren't familiar with Jason Momoa, where have you been? He's the actor that is better known as "Aquaman", but to us he's more than that. He was raised here in Iowa. If you check the Wikipedia page for Jason, you'll see the following:

He was raised in NorwalkIowa, by his mother.

It's true that Jason was born in Hawaii, but Iowa is the place that he calls "home". This may not be news to you, but it was a shock to my wife (also an Iowa native) when this video came up under our "recommended" on YouTube. It's the trip Jason made a couple years ago to visit his grandmother here.

Adam Hlavac on YouTube had the most liked comment and I would agree with his sentiment:

1 billion dollars at the box-office is cool. But, spending time with grandma is priceless.

Amen, brother. Ain't nothing like spending time with your family elders.

His visit to the Des Moines area is a far cry from ruling the water worlds of "Aquaman".

There is some good news on the "Aquaman" front, too. According to iMDb, "Aquaman 2" is on schedule to release next year. The expected date is December 16, 2022 according to iMDb. That's good news for all of us that follow Jason's career from his upbringing here in Iowa to the big screen.

As to why my wife is so excited about this news, I can only guess that it's the first time in a long time that she's seen abs on a guy. (*sigh*)

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