I'll never be mistaken as a 'Master Chef', but thanks to a Facebook page that I just discovered, I thinking that I can change all that and become a 'Master Griller'.

Alright that's probably a bit of a stretch. I don't think even Chef Ramsey could help me. Well, he might teach me a few new words while he critiques my techniques.

I'm not a bad cook. I have a few 'larger meals' down pat just in case I entertain at the Doren Manse Sports Bar & Grill, but the regular menu is centered on the basics to survive. The Facebook page called "Grilled"might change all that. Search @BetterBeGrilled on Facebook.

Well, if nothing else, their videos certainly make my mouth water. What 'Master Griller' wouldn't love to whip up a few "Long Boy Burgers"?

I'm not a huge fan of prime rib, I'll eat it. It's beef after all, but Grilled showed this 'Oak Smoked Prime Rib' video, and I instantly wanted to grab a knife and fork.

Or for desert, how about something called S'mores Banana Boat?

They certainly make it look so easy. The hardest part for me is waiting to eat during the 10-20 minutes while it cooks.

To be honest, these don't have to be limited to just some summertime fun. I've been known to grill in the dead of of an Iowa winter. In fact, I used to have a tradition of grilling on New Year's Eve. Hmm, maybe it's time to resurrect that tradition.

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