We have all waited in some sort of traffic jam before. Whether it was while traveling, in your hometown, because a light wasn't working, it's rush hour traffic, or there was an accident...we have all had to see through a period of time not being able to move our cars down the road.

Waiting in traffic causes a lot of headaches for people and allows road rage to occur, so when something out of the ordinary happens to brighten a situation, people notice. Over the weekend, there was a highway crash in Montana that caused a traffic jam because of road closure.

As much of a headache as this sounds, it was made a little better when one man in a kilt wearing bagpipes appears and starts playing music. Jesse Callender is his name and he was apparently on his way to a gig because he works as a bagpiper. After he played his ditty, Jesse was able to get to his gig on time because the roads opened back up.

Check out the video of him performing here!

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