Mickey Guyton teamed up with Cardi B to learn about farm life.

As part of Cardi's new digital series Cardi Tries, the country singer and rap superstar headed to California to learn the ropes of operating a ranch.

Cardi B shares that she wants to build a farm on her property in Atlanta, but having never been around farm animals, she called on Guyton for help, assuming that she knows her way around a ranch since she grew up in Texas. But much to her surprise, the then-pregnant Guyton informed the Grammy-winning rapper she in fact doesn't know how to run a farm.

"I guess we're going to have to learn together," Guyton proposes.

Throughout the episode, the two learn how to ride horses, shear sheep, slop pigs and milk a cow. Guyton steps in as MVP to feed the sheep as a distraction while Cardi shears the animal, in addition to offering to hold the cow's tail while Cardi milks. But both singers were thoroughly grossed out when it came to feeding the pigs.

"I can't even look," Guyton shouts as she slops the farmer's day-old meal onto the ground for the animals, one of the squealing pigs sending Guyton out of the pen screaming.  "That was too much," she admits.

But overall, the two enjoy learning about farm life together.

"I had the best experience with you. Thank you so much for inviting me here," Guyton praises. "I don't why you thought I knew what I was going to be doing on the ranch, but thank you so much for having me, I enjoyed it," she adds, with Cardi wishing her a safe delivery and praising her as so "bubbly," saying the country singer made her "so happy."

Guyton revealed in a tweet on Feb. 8 that she and her husband, Grant Savoy, have welcomed their first child, son Grayson.

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