Midland lead singer Mark Wystrach married Ty Haney, the CEO of Texas-based clothing brand Outdoor Voices, on Tuesday (Oct. 8). The pair's weding was "a quiet lil ceremony," the artist shares on Instagram.

Photos from Wystrach and Haney's big day show him in a casual tan suit and her in a flowy white dress, saying their vows and showing off their new golden rings. Their dogs and family members surround them in a few of the shots.

"Am mighty proud & delighted to now call @ty_haney 'my wife,'" Wystrach adds in the photos' caption.

The couple announced their engagement on May 28. “It kind of was unplanned and just unfolded naturally when we were barefooted and on a walk with our little puppies,” Wystrach told People of that special moment. “It was right after a big thunderstorm, and the sun just popped [up] out of nowhere, and I knew it was a sign.”

In July, Wystrach and Haney announced that they are expecting a baby together as well. The couple's first child will be a girl, and she is due in November.

"It is the most exciting thing that has happened in my life,” says Wystrach of Haney's pregnancy. "Talk about something that makes you really take a step back and truthfully assess who you are and who you wanna be for this young little one. We’re thrilled and terrified to go through this beautiful, life-changing experience and start a little beautiful family together. What a trip!”

Midland recently released their sophomore album, Let It Roll.

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