I cannot wait to see this ad!

A man has spent $6 million on an ad to run during the Super Bowl which pays tribute to the veterinarians who saved his dog's life from cancer. What a way to say thank you!

David MacNeil is the founder and CEO of WeatherTech and also the owner of a 7-year-old golden retriever by the name of Scout. Unfortunately, a year ago Scout was diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer and only given a month to live. That is until MacNeil took Scout to the University of Wisconsin's veterinary program. Scout started chemotherapy last summer at UW Veterinary's program and started radiation as a tumor was found on Scout's heart. Over several months the tumor disappeared and now it has almost disappeared. Scout has also undergone radiation therapy this past week for cancer that has spread to the lungs.

To thank the team at UW Veterinary's program and bring awareness to the work they are doing for animals, MacNeil decided to spend $6 million on a Super Bowl ad to be played during the second quarter and it is called "Lucky Dog."

All proceeds from this ad will go to UW's Veterinary Program to continue research and provide funds for specialty equipment needed.

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