This man took the wrong course of action to get the pop/country star to notice him.

It's a natural feeling to want to be famous. The glam, the money, a lavish lifestyle, and it also means that you have an extraordinary talent in a certain field. But just HOW famous would you really want to be? As a radio personality, I would love to be recognized but not necessarily so famous that someone would do something insane to try to impress me or to get me. (Jodie Foster/John Hinkley, Salina/Yolanda Saldivar, John Lennon/Mark David Chapman)

Well Bruce Rowley of Connecticut formed a plan to rob a bank and impress Taylor Swift the absorbent amount of money he had earned. Rowley robbed a bank for $1,600 and then drove from Connecticut to Rhode Island and dumped the money over the fence that boarders Swift's mansion to impress his celebrity crush. Rowley was taken back to Connecticut where he was arrested and bail was set for $100,000. He will be arraigned May 8th.

Swift has made no comments about the act and there were no reports if she was even home at the time. But, for fun, let's assume that the singer (currently worth $280 million) wasn't impressed by his $1,600 score.


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