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Authorities are investigating a weekend accident involving a sport utility vehicle and golf cart that left a Marshalltown man dead.

According to Grundy County sheriff's officials, 56-year-old Jon Espenscheid suffered fatal injuries when the golf cart he was driving was struck by the SUV near the entrance to Fox Ridge Golf Course in Dike. The accident occurred Saturday just before 1 PM in the 300 block of Country Club Lane.

Officials identified the SUV driver as 66-year-old Cynthia Beavers of Dike. They said her vehicle struck Espenscheid as he was crossing the road to enter the golf course.

Espenscheid was transported to the hospital in Cedar Falls for treatment. Authorities said Espenscheid was later transferred to University of Iowa Hospitals and Clincics in Iowa City, where he died.

The accident is under investigating by Grundy County sheriff's officials and the Iowa State Patrol.

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