Friday (Aug. 7) is release day for Luke Bryan’s seventh studio album, Born Here Live Here Die Here. The record features 10 new songs from the country superstar, but there's one in particular that the Georgia native can’t get enough of.

It's "Too Drunk to Drive," written by Bryan alongside fellow songwriters Michael Carter and Brandon Kinney, that has the singer hitting the repeat button.

"When I'm riding in my truck, I'm listening to this song on my album probably more than any other song," Bryan shares about the track. "And if we ever single it, I'll be ready to deliver it."

"Too Drunk to Drive" has a different meaning than listeners might expect based on its title. It hits on that drunk-in-love feeling that’s hard to explain but super-easy to feel.

“It's about a guy just looking at his girl — he's not even drinking anything and she's got him drunk feeling," explains the “One Margarita” hitmaker. "So drunk that he just wants to chill out around the house and not go looking for any other forms of alcohol. She's his alcohol because she's just that pleasing to him."

There's no guarantee that Bryan will get to perform "Too Drunk to Drive" live anytime soon -- his Proud to Be Right Here Tour has been canceled due to the novel coronavirus pandemic -- but there's always a chance he might pull it out during his performance at the Grand Ole Opry come Aug. 15. That night, the four-time Entertainer of the Year will step onto the hallowed stage alongside Darius Rucker, who recently released a new single “Beers and Sunshine.”

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