You know when you see those posters with a bunch of smiling people working out at the gym... that's just not reality. I swear I have never seen someone smile the entire time they are working out (and i f they are, I don't trust them). It is so hard to go to the gym and honestly there are so many things that annoy all of us when going to the gym. However, most of us don't have the nerve to say any of these things and just suffer through. That is until, Mila.

Social media star, Mila Stauffer, was asked back in 2017 by her mom if she wanted to go to the gym and honestly, her opinion of the gym describes how we basically all feel about it. This video is so accurate it's making the rounds again on social media on how we feel about the gym in 2019 and I think it needs to be shared because this is legit all of us.


"I thought, you can't get better than this."- Mila.... This is my motto for 2019, what's yours?

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