Mother's Day is THIS SUNDAY! However, it is going to be a unique one this year. With COVID-19 pandemic closing all restaurants and stores and forcing us to social distance into quarantine, you are probably wondering if Mother's Day 2020 is cancelled. Well, it's NOT! We just have to get a little creative with how we celebrate this year.

Mom's deserve to be celebrated and this year will be a unique year to celebrate Mother's Day. If you are looking for some quarantine friendly ideas on how to celebrate Mother's Day, check out my list below! Hope you find one that will be the perfect way to celebrate your Mom. And to all the Mom's out there, Happy Mother's Day and thanks for being rock stars!

1. Mother's Day parade! Get your family together and if you are close enough to your Mom's in your family have a Mother's Day parade to drive by their house with signs and pictures to show your love of them and still practice social distancing!

2. Mother's Day Zoom Dinner: Grab the family and make some dinner and then have a zoom date with your Mom! It is still a chance to spend some quality time with your Mom and some delicious food.

3. Mother's Day Song/Rap: Get the whole family involved and create a song or rap for you Mom! Nothing says creative like making a whole song about Mom & secretly all women really want a song written about them.

4. Mother's Day IOU's: Make a coupon? IOU book for Mom with all the restaurants, stores or events you are going to take your Mom after this pandemic is over to celebrate her.

5. Mother's Day Tribute Video: Make a tribute video for you Mom of all the videos/pictures memories growing up with her to show her how special she is and why she is the best Mom out there. Easy to send via email on her special day.


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