Kwik Stars everywhere are dedicated to helping those with disabilities get jobs in their stores. They are so dedicated that Kwik Star (Kwik Trip, Inc.) has created a program to help train and hire these workers.

According to KEYC, the Retail Helper program was started back in 2013 to help train and hire workers with disabilites in their stores. You could say it has been pretty successful as Kwik Star (Kwik Trip, Inc.) has just announced that 75 percent of the stores now employs retail helpers. According to KEYC, the program has allowed for over 500 retail helpers to be employed at their stores.

It's a great way to show their commitment to their communities and their employees. Instead of turning away potential employees who have a disability and it may be a little harder for them to learn the job, Kwik Stars have decided to adapt to them and allow them a chance at being successful and making a living that every person deserves.

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