Before he formed Sugarland with singer Jennifer Nettles, Kristian Bush spent the '90s making folk rock with fellow musician Andrew Hyra under the moniker Billy Pilgrim. Now, nearly two decades after their dissolution, Billy Pilgrim is plotting a comeback, complete with the release of their lost final album.

That effort, appropriately dubbed In the Time Machine, arrives this fall. For Sugarland fans interested in hearing a preview of the throwback Billy Pilgrim album, the first single — a subdued, acoustic number from the folky pair entitled "Call It Even" — arrived last week (July 9) with a lyric video.

The rest of the record will include other previously unreleased tracks recorded around 20 years ago, just before the band's 2001 breakup. Billy Pilgrim first began playing together in 1991. They released a self-titled effort in 1994. An album called Bloom followed the year after.

"It is time," Bush tells Rolling Stone of Billy Pilgrim's reunion. "It is time to play more music together, share a bunch that was left in store. It is time to activate what we started many years ago. It's time to use our voices and hands to bring the conversation back to peace, love, harmony and forgiveness."

"The world outside our windows is strange, splintered and cracked and we, Billy Pilgrim, are here to remind you of who we all were back when, and who we all can be now," he continues.

Interestingly, In the Time Machine did receive a very limited release back in 2001 — around 1,000 copies of the album on CD were pressed by the band independently. However, a studio fire later damaged the master recordings, thus preventing a wider release of the collection at that time.

Bush certainly knows how to keep busy in music. Last year, he revealed the formation of another new band to showcase his talents: Dark Water. That group released the single "Paint It Blue" in November 2019.

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