It's back to school time and while parents are running around making sure their kids have all the supplies they need to go back to school, teachers are also getting ready to head back! The classroom is the teacher's private work space that has to be fun and prepared for not only them to do a good job but also for all the kids to have a fun and safe environment to learn. What better way to do this than with a Disney- themed classroom!

There is a video going viral on social media of a teacher who completely transformed her classroom into a Disney dream! The Florida classroom has the Disney castle on a background, Mickey EVERYTHING, and is so well thought out that all of the "decorations" are actually designed to get kids to interact and learn, especially the reading area! Man, I wish I had a classroom like this in school!

What is even cooler, is the fact that this teacher used her own money to make all this happen! Most teachers don't get extra pay to decorate a classroom or for everything they need so you can tell this teacher really cares.

Check out her classroom!

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