Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk bar and restaurant in downtown Nashville has been issued a citation on Saturday (June 13) by the Metro Public Health Department for not complying with coronavirus public health orders.

A photo circulated around social media over the weekend showing the bar packed wall-to-wall with unmasked proprietors sparked concern, and a complaint was filed against the establishment Friday night, resulting in a visit from MPHD director Dr. Michael Caldwell.

According to officials, Caldwell issued the citation due to the venue allegedly serving customers who were seated at the bar. as well as not following proper social distancing guidelines.

Nashville has specific ordinances requiring live music venues to control crowd capacity and enforce social distancing rules; as well as having businesses post signage directing clients to wear masks or facial coverings, and require employees to wear masks or facial coverings at work to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. According to local news, 13 other Nashville businesses were also fined for being out of compliance with health orders.

The bar will be on the hook to pay a fine of an as yet undetermined amount. Kid Rock himself has not yet commented publicly on the matter. In May, the musician posted a photo of himself to social media wearing a cloth mask, urging fans to "Stay home. Stay safe. And if you must go out, wear a mask."

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