There are few greater pleasures in life than consuming a concentrated cheesy snack. The crunch...the flavor...THE CHEESE's all so incredible. Cheese puffs are such a common and well-appreciated snack, but maybe not at eight in the morning.

Johnny turned to me a few days ago and asked me what my favorite snack food was. Without thinking I, shouted, "CHEESE PUFFS!"

The next thing I know we decide to have a cheese puff taste test with JP to see which ones we like best.

If you listened to Marks In The Morning or even listen back to Friday's podcast you probably learned that my home state of Pennsylvania is actually known as the snack capital of the worldSo, my love of snacks is COMPLETELY valid.

It turns out that I'm not as much of a snack aficionado as I thought. Not to spoil too much, but JP took the cake (or the cheese puff) on this one.

Make sure to check out the full video IGTV video down below, and remember to follow us on Instagram!

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