Let's face it, once you have lived somewhere long enough, you'll take pride in your town. You're likely to brag about it when you have family or friends visit from out of town. You're likely to boast about its beauty or scenery, too. You'll find yourself saying, "What a nice neighborhood!" as you zoom around town.

Imagine doing this for years, only to have some silly website not based in your town or even state, call it the ugliest city in Iowa. Waa waaaa!

This Iowa town was labeled its ugliest

The website travel.alot (I hate that "a lot" is one word, too) has done just that. Well, they claim to have done their research and found our ugliest town, but what exactly do they really do? Not much.

Our ugliest city according to the site?

Home of Iowa State... Ames.

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The website, admitting Ames is a safe city, calls it "boring", which I guess constitutes ugly. How is a town, home to a D1 school, boring? They literally have high-level football, basketball, volleyball, softball, and other sports that anyone can get tickets to and enjoy.

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How does having George Strait roll through your town and sell 60,000 tickets make for a boring city?

ISU even refers to its home in Ames as "an award-winning city'.

In fairness to travel.alot.com, they claim to have mined some of their results, they do have all 50 states' alleged ugliest cities, from actual residents. They're also building a new entertainment district called CYTown, which I'd imagine will be somewhat like Iowa City's ped mall.

So what is Iowa's ugliest town in reality? Is it Ames? Is it your town? I guess it's up to each individual, but I'd imagine we can all agree, that there are far uglier cities in this country, and more boring ones, than Ames.

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