Iowa is the land of "fields of opportunity". That was actually on our "welcome" sign for a long time. It's now "Freedom to Flourish", but fields grow corn and corn makes whiskey so, we're gonna stick with it for this story!

Hit up any town in Iowa that has a decent size population, and you're likely to find a brewery, a distillery, or both. It's those distilleries that I wanted to take a closer look at today.

Iowa's favorite distilleries

When you think... say, vodka, what comes to mind? One of the "big boys" like Tito's or Greygoose? How about bourbon? Maybe Maker's or Elijah Craig? Sure, those are great and very popular brands. Tito's is actually the best-selling liquor in Iowa and has been for the past couple of years.

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Now, if you answered Mississippi River Distilling Company for your favorite vodka, or Cedar Ridge for your favorite bourbon, you definitely know your Iowa spirits! And, cheers to that.

Photo by Katherine Conrad on Unsplash
Photo by Katherine Conrad on Unsplash

According to Tripadvisor users, it's pretty clear we have some amazing distilleries in Iowa. By order of Tripadvisor votes, you can check out a number of distilleries, sober up, and try more. There are several in Eastern Iowa, as well, including the most popular...

Cedar Ridge Winery & Vineyard

Located in nearby Swisher, Cedar Ridge takes the top spot with over 130 votes, and an overwhelming number of them are highly positive! A cornerstone at many Eastern Iowa events like Iowa Irish Fest, they're one of the best in the whole country... I mean, that last part is my opinion, but prove me wrong! They are also the good folks behind Iowa legends Slipknot's whiskey line.

Templeton Rye Distillery

Ahh, an Iowa favorite that's available... everywhere. Still, we enjoy the right claim it as a local spirit since it's in Templeton, Iowa. Very famous for their rye variety, you can plan a visit today.

The tour looks fun, no? I'm sure there's sampling, too!

TYCOGA Winery & Distillery

Here is one I was not familiar with. Located in the Eastern Iowa town of De Witt, TYCOGA Winery & Distillery is a family business that sells its wines in certain stores, but you have to actually visit to try the vodka or whiskey offerings.What with the name TYCOGA? Yes, all caps.

TYCOGA is named after our three children: Tyler, Courtney & Gabe, the first 2 letters of their names.


Lots of tasty offerings, you can visit them and, if you drink wine, let me know how it is. I'm not a wine guy, so I'll take your word for it.

Mississippi River Distilling Company

One of my favorites, Mississippi River Distilling Company is located in lovely Le Claire, Iowa. I, speaking from experience, highly recommend their old fashioned's. You can actually buy these, mixed and everything, at most liquor stores in our area.

But the scenic river location, hence the name, is 100% worth a visit.

What do you think? These fine establishments merit a visit, if you enjoy spirits.

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