It's a collaboration that on the surface doesn't seem to make much sense. What is Hollywood heartthrob John Stamos doing playing with a band that made its debut in the late 1950s? But John Stamos and The Beach Boys continue to hit the road together and the actor will be with the band when they stop in Eastern Iowa this week!

The Beach Boys are in the midst of their 'Endless Summer Gold 2024' Tour. They'll be playing at the McGrath Amphitheater in Cedar Rapids on Friday, July 12th. The band announced on Monday that they'll be bringing a special guest with them to Iowa. Former Full House star John Stamos. Many of you might remember seeing Stamos first play with The Beach Boys in the video for their iconic hit song 'Kokomo'. 

I remember saying to myself, "Why is Uncle Jesse from Full House playing bongos?" It turns out Stamos began his relationship with the legendary band back in 1985, according to a press release. Stamos wanted to introduce a younger generation to the music of The Beach Boys. His first show with the band was July 4th, 1985 in front of the Washington Monument in our nation's capital. The relationship has endured for four decades.

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My dad was a big fan of The Beach Boys growing up, and he turned me on to their music when I got older. Pet Sounds remains one of my favorite albums of all time, as does the album that the group is celebrating this summer, Endless Summer. The double album is filled with the band's most iconic songs, all of which you'll hear Friday night in Cedar Rapids. A limited number of tickets are still available at

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