Four instructors from Cornell College in Mount Vernon, Iowa, experienced a harrowing incident while visiting Beihua University in Jilin City, northeastern China. During a walk in a local park, they were attacked by an unidentified assailant, resulting in injuries. The instructors were accompanied by a faculty member from Beihua University at the time of the assault. 

What is being done to protect instructors?

Jonathan Brand, president of Cornell College, addressed the college community, acknowledging the seriousness of the incident and reassuring that all four instructors were being supported and assisted. The college administration has been actively involved in coordinating with the U.S. State Department to ensure appropriate measures are taken. 

"The safety and well-being of our faculty and staff abroad are of utmost importance to us," Brand affirmed. He emphasized ongoing communication with the injured instructors and their families. 

The U.S. Government weighs in

The U.S. State Department echoed these sentiments, emphasizing their commitment to the safety of American citizens abroad. They confirmed awareness of the stabbing incident involving three U.S. citizens in Jilin City and pledged to provide necessary assistance. 

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Cornell College and Beihua University have a longstanding partnership, which includes academic exchanges and collaborations. The incident has sparked concerns about safety and security protocols for international visitors in China, prompting both institutions to review and reinforce their safety measures. 


As investigations continue into the motive and circumstances of the attack, Cornell College remains focused on supporting those affected and ensuring the well-being of its community members engaged in global academic initiatives. 

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