Who's ready for burritos?! A Canadian Tex-Mex chain is planning to open more than 700 locations in the U.S., and Iowa is one of the states on the list!

According to a June press release, barBURRITO was established in Toronto in 2005 and is the "country’s largest and fastest growing Mexican food franchise." The sister company of barBURRITO is called BURRITOBAR, and that's the name of the chain that we have just started to see here in the U.S. There are currently only four American BURRITOBAR locations, three in Michigan and one in Delaware, but there are many more to come.

BURRITOBAR just recently announced a new franchise deal in New Jersey and are planning to open 93 restaurants across the state, but Iowa's deal was actually announced earlier this year. A January 2024 press release says that "the company will be bringing its delicious offerings to customers across Iowa with long-term plans to open 32 stores within the next 2 decades." We don't know exactly where those Iowa locations will be yet, but my guess is that a least a few of them will end up here in the Eastern part of the state. According to Eat This, Not That, other Midwest states that have made franchise deals with BURRITOBAR include Nebraska, Illinois, and Ohio.

The menu at BURRITOBAR has pretty standard Mexican fare. There are burritos, bowls, tacos, and quesadillas, all with your choice of protein and toppings. They do seem to offer a few more protein options that other Mexican chains, though. Customers have their pick from spicy chicken, jerk chicken, pulled pork, ground beef, veggie ground, chorizo, steak, fish, bang bang shrimp, and more. The restaurant also has nachos (called Extreme Chips), Extreme Fries, and churros.

We don't know where or when the first Iowa BURRITOBAR will arrive, but luckily, we have more than enough Mexican options to hold us over until then! You can check out a list of Cedar Rapids Mexican restaurants HERE.

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