Iowa is not a state known for its lakes, but that doesn't mean we don't have a few good ones!

The website Cheapism has put together a list titled, 'The Best Lakes in All 50 States,' and the pick for Iowa is a familiar spot for many vacationing Iowans... West Okoboji! The article reads:

"Part of the Iowa Great Lakes, West Okoboji is famed as one of only three "blue water lakes" in the world. Whether it is, and whatever that means, the lake is one of the top tourist spots in the state, drawing millions of visitors each year. Drop a line for walleye, bluegill, and trophy northern pike."

Located in Dickinson County, West Okoboji Lake is situated on the northwest edge of the historic Arnolds Park. The website reports that the park got its start in 1889 when "Wesley Arnold constructed a wooden, 60-foot toboggan-style waterslide on the south shore of West Lake Okoboji, the very first attraction at what would become Arnolds Park Amusement Park." The park is still up and running today, drawing in tourists from all over Iowa and beyond!

West Okoboji Lake is around 3,847-acres and reaches a depth of 138.9-feet, making it the deepest natural lake in the state of Iowa. It offers 19.8 miles of shoreline and is a popular vacation spot for camping, boating, fishing, swimming, and other fun water activities, like a cruise on the Queen II excursion boat. In addition to Arnolds Park, the lake is also a prominent feature of Gull Point State Park, Pikes Point State Park, Pillsbury Point State Park, and Emmerson Bay State Recreation Area. Popular beaches that offer swimming in the lake include Terrace Park BeachArnolds Park Public Beach, and Okoboji Boat Works Beach.

According to the Vacation Okoboji website, the Iowa Great Lakes consist of six lakes that "cover over 12,000 acres, offering nearly 70 miles of picturesque shoreline." The list include Lake Okoboji (East and West), Gar Lake (Upper and Lower), Lake Minnewashta, Center Lake, Silver Lake, and Big Spirit Lake, which is Iowa's largest. You can read more about vacationing at all of Iowa's Great Lakes on the Vacation Okoboji website HERE.

If you're looking for the best lake in Iowa for fishing, a 2022 article from Cheapism says that Lake Macbride in Solon is actually the best! You can read more about that HERE.

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