How's that Keith Urban song go? It's gonna be a long hot summer... we should be together. I'll tell you what, my butt likes a lot of A/C so, if you want to be together, don't go cheap on your air conditioner usage, please. Also, I like cold beer...

In all seriousness, money is tight for a lot of us right now. And while we should be comfortable, it could come at a high cost. I have some tips for how you can keep those A/C bills down during our long, hot Iowa summer!

How you can save this summer

It goes without saying there are everyday tricks to saving money on your utility bill, from shutting off lights when you leave the room, to unplugging some household appliances when they're not in use. Toaster, I'm looking at you, buddy. But what about cooling costs during the summertime?

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I have a series of tips compiled for you to use during the hot, steamy summer months. One very simple one: when using your A/C, close the windows. If it's not an unpleasantly warm day, do the opposite: shut off the A/C, and pop open the windows.

Photo by t Penguin on Unsplash
Photo by t Penguin on Unsplash

When you go to check the thermostat, if you have one with the capability to put it on a schedule, be sure you have the A/C shut off when you or your family are out of the house. For example, why blast the air conditioner if no one is home from 9-5 weekdays?

Thanks, Keith! I had that in my head all article...

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If nothing else, plan a getaway or staycation and use the Airbnbs A/C!

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