Do you find accents sexy? I mean I am sure there is that one accent we all are attracted to and find pretty sexy. However, I never thought that all 50 states necessarily have "accents" until now.

We all probably say that we don't have an accent when someone tells us we do. Well, I guess now you can't say that anymore because a travel website just ranked all 50 states "accents" from most to least sexy. Big 7 has put together a very specific list and honestly, I could not tell you the difference between some of these accents in the same state. But maybe you can! Check out the top 10 sexy and least sexy lists below to see where your "accent" falls.

Top 10 Sexiest Accents:

1. Texas

2. Boston

3. New York

4. Maine

5. Chicago

6. Mississippi

7. Hawaii

8. Philadelphia

9. St. Louis

10. California

Top 10 Least Sexiest Accents:

1. Long Island

2. New Jersey

3. Minnesota

4. Alaska

5. California Valley

6. southern Ohio

7. Florida

8. Pittsburgh

9. Cincinnati

10. Pennsylvania Dutch



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