So, we're all pretty well aware of Governor Reynolds choices when it comes to what's open and what's not. The CDC states that any event that has a group of ten or more, needs to be cancelled. But, what about having 2-3 friends over? Or a small family gathering? Easter is on its way, after all...

Now, please know I am not encouraging gatherings. And, I honestly don't even have three friends I'd want to invite over (introvert alert). I'm just curious if some people are social, erm, gathering? un-distancing?

Today we had an article about Disney (possibly) taking temperatures of guests when they reopen. That could be an option too. Take your guests temp. Over 100? Gooo go away. Far. 'Normal'? Come on in, let's have some beers. Your brought the beers, right? Imagine that sight at Easter. Grandma's running a temperature, guess she has to wait in the car...

Be healthy and, PLEASE stay home. Yes, your home.

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