Fast Food is a staple in America. I mean we are always on the go and although it may not be healthy for us, it's quick juicy goodness and pretty darn addictive. However, you have probably heard that fast food is not the healthiest for you if you are trying to be healthier and lose weight but with it being so addictive, it's SO HARD TO STOP EATING!

Is there a secret to losing weight? Yes... Get Banned From Fast Food Restaurants. Well, it worked for a guy in the U.K.  Dibsy McClintock is a 28-year-old who was 560 lbs last year. He decided to make a change to lose weight and become healthier and hired a personal trainer. Well, the first thing this trainer did was put up flyers all over town with Dibsy's photo that read, "Save Dibsy.  Obesity Is Killing Him.  Do Not Serve This Man."

IT WORKED. Dibsy was basically banned from fast food restaurants and after some diet changes and workouts added in, he is now 280 lbs as of last week!

I guess what I have learned from this is if there is ever a time you want to be proud of being banned from somewhere it would be to lose weight.

Check out his amazing transformation.

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