Okay, I know "Pi" Day really doesn't have anything to do with actual pie but delicious pie is way more fun with math so I choose to celebrate this day (March 14th) with pie!

And I know just what pie to make! Google just released a map of the most uniquely searched pie in every state over the past year. Some of the top contenders to win over the most state's included apple, apple crumble, sweet potato, and buttermilk. So, which pie did Iowa pick?

Well, it was a surprising pie flavor that took the cake for most states and that would be... Strawberry Rhubarb Pie. This is not only Iowa's most searched and therefore favorite pie according to Google, but it also took the cake (no pun intended) in 9 other states including Alaska!

So, I suggest in honor of "Pi" day making yourself some Strawberry Rhubarb pie... or if you don't know how to make it just go buy from the store, I won't judge.

Check out the other favorites around the U.S. here.

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