If you are someone who wakes up to an alarm, turns it off, and jumps right out of bed... I envy you. I've always been jealous of people who can do that. Being able to wake up and get your day started, without wanting to go back to sleep for 7 or 8 minutes should be considered a superpower.

Unsplash - Jessica Delp
Unsplash - Jessica Delp

I'm guilty of hitting a snooze button pretty much every single day. Unless there's something I'm really excited about the next morning, I always have multiple alarms set to get me out of bed. If you're like me and find yourself constantly hitting your snooze button and trying to get an extra few minutes of sleep, we should both stop. Getting those few extra minutes doesn't help at all and can actually make your mornings/day worse.

If you were like me this morning and found yourself hitting the snooze button once... okay maybe 3 times, there are some serious health problems doing this repeatedly can lead to. Having our sleep disrupted in this manner can increase your blood pressure and can also increase your heart rate.

According to Health, "when we snooze, we are disrupting the REM sleep — or dream sleep — which is a restorative sleep state."

Mel Robins is an author, podcast host, motivational speaker, and former lawyer. In this video, she breaks down why hitting the snooze button can be so bad for you. It not only can make you more tired throughout the day but over time, it can also affect how productive you are. According to Mel, the snooze button "ruins" your brain.

It may be hard to believe that an extra 5-10 minutes of sleep every morning could be bad, but it turns out it can have lasting effects on you every day.

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