It's 5 o'clock somewhere, right? I guess on Christmas the rules go 'bye bye' as, according to a new study from the American Addiction Center, Iowans begin partaking in the holiday schnapps at 1:40 pm Christmas Day. Wait, doesn't that seem late for a holiday? No mimosas or Bloody Mary's? Or eggnog to greet Santa? I guess not.

Compared to our fellow 49, this is actually pretty late. In Arkansas, they begin at 6 pm. In Minnesota they begin at 2:17 pm. Illinois gets on it at 2:19 pm. But we're not the earliest to get rolling in the Midwest. Our pals in Nebraska pop the top at 1 pm sharp. In Wisconsin, a state known for puttin' 'em down, they start at 1:32 pm. So, they've got us beat. I guess. The survey used 3,045 Americans as a metric. Cleary, none were my in-laws. I can guarantee you we'll be bottoms up by 10:30 am Christmas morning.

However, whenever... just be safe. Enjoy the holiday and remember, if you're out and about, get a ride if you've had too much nog. CHEERS!

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